Man’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard that dogs are “man’s best friend.” But maybe there’s more to this phrase than we think. Can having a dog actually improve your health? Many experts believe that dog owners are happier and healthier when compared to individuals who do not own… read more

Ted Talks: Back at It

The first time I ever had my back go out on me was about 15 years ago. I reached around to the back seat of the car, pulled some kind of muscle and grimaced like a lemon-sucking baby. Later that day, I was standing up to… read more

Local Women Battle Ovarian Cancer, Part 3

A Tale of Two Lives - Surviving, fighting and educating through ovarian cancer Known as one of the “silent killers,” ovarian cancer claims approximately 14,000 lives a year in the U.S., sparing no one … even children as young as two… read more

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