Acai Bowls

The Surprising Truth Behind Acai Bowls

Do you love sweet and fruity snacks? Then you have probably tried (or should try!) an acai bowl. Topped with granola, honey or peanut butter, this Brazilian berry has become the latest American food trend. Even though acai is widely… read more

Voter's Stickers

Learn How To Cope With Voter’s Anxiety!

Even if you’re not an avid news-watcher, with politics invading our social media channels, it’s becoming increasingly harder to block out the political chatter, especially this election season. Unfortunately, with a 24/7 news cycle and the fact that we’re more… read more

enjoy being scared

Boo! Why Do People Enjoy Being Scared?

It is that time of year again. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating this season. The delectable treats, the incredible decorations, the festive attire and the fun-filled events that can make anyone feel absolutely...frightened. That is right. I am… read more

the grilling master

4 Recipes For The Grilling Master!

Why do we get a sense of pleasure from the smell of grilled meat? The answer lies deep in our genetic makeup. Grilling meat was a huge turning point in the development of the human brain, and it allowed our… read more

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