Man’s Best Friend, An Rx for Health!

Who doesn't love puppy kisses, playing fetch and having a warm little fur baby snuggled up next to you? But, did you know that adding a dog to your life also has a plethora of additional physical, social and emotional… read more

Man’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard that dogs are “man’s best friend.” But maybe there’s more to this phrase than we think. Can having a dog actually improve your health? Many experts believe that dog owners are happier and healthier when compared to individuals who do not own… read more

Ted Talks: Back at It

The first time I ever had my back go out on me was about 15 years ago. I reached around to the back seat of the car, pulled some kind of muscle and grimaced like a lemon-sucking baby. Later that day, I was standing up to… read more

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