Swimming: Your New Favorite Workout!

When it comes to a low impact, highly impactful workout, look no farther than the pool in your backyard or your community. That’s right, swimming is back in style and full of so many benefits, you may never venture to… read more

Physical Fitness Throughout Our World’s History

In 2021, physical fitness is often associated with state-of-the-art gyms, Peloton home bike rides and fitness apps. In primitive society, as we evolved as humans, fitness was necessary to survive. The early hunter-gatherer societies needed to move quickly to capture… read more

feed your cat peas

Why Should You Feed Your Cat Peas?

If you’re looking for something other than catnip that your cat and their stomach will love, feed your cat peas. Peas have several health benefits for cats. In fact, in grain-free cat food, green peas are usually the source of… read more

Caffeine: Is Drinking Coffee Good for Me?

We’ve all heard conflicting reports on whether drinking coffee is beneficial or detrimental for our health, but what’s the bottom line? It depends. Now is the perfect time to find out because March is National Caffeine Awareness Month, which aims to… read more

Exercises Inspired by our Animal Friends

Researchers often look to nature to help improve the human experience. Even the basic principles of flight were found from birds. Throughout human history we have used the world around us to enhance our abilities. So why not turn to… read more

your perfect stretch

Tips On Finding Your Perfect Stretch

In a world where sitting has become the norm, our bodies are becoming excessively tight. This lack of mobility has caused people to develop back and neck pain at alarming rates. Although we can thank mom and dad for much… read more

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