Cole Purvis

Tap water pouring into cup from sink

Do You Know Your Home’s Water Quality?

From cold glasses on our bedside tables to warm beams in our morning showers, water is an essential facet of our everyday lives. However, despite being such a routine asset in our lives, there are oftentimes potentially harmful contaminants in… read more

Factory building dripping in green paint

What is Greenwashing? The Ugly Truth

In recent years, the term "greenwashing" has gained prominence as companies increasingly tout their commitment to environmental sustainability. But what exactly is greenwashing, why does it happen and what implications does it carry? What is greenwashing? The United Nations (U.N.)… read more

Image of government building with balance scale and butterfly

Governing Green: Laws that Keep our World Clean

In an era where environmental concerns have taken center stage, our governing powers have implemented a myriad of laws to safeguard the planet's well-being. These regulations cover a range of issues, from hazardous waste disposal to air pollutants. The common… read more

Bottle of colored antiacids

Stomach This: All About Antacids

For many of us, the joy of indulging in our favorite foods is oftentimes accompanied by an unpleasant aftermath in the form of heartburn, acid reflux and general discomfort. These digestive disturbances are the result of excess stomach acid in… read more

White pillows on bed

Rest Assured: Pillow Care 101

From every night when we go to sleep until every morning when we wake up, we rest our heads on pillows. More than a quarter of each day, we rely on them for comfort, support, rest, etc. But how often… read more