Diane Hernandez

Letting Go of Green Emotions

The color green is a hopeful color. Mother Nature takes her paintbrush and colors her world lemon and forest greens. Different hues of it encompass national parks and even your backyard.  The color green means so many different things, and… read more

How Does Weather Affect Our Skin?

One day, it’s cold. The next, it’s hot -- the weather can’t seem to make up its mind! Neither can your skin -- is it dry or oily? No one knows. Here’s how the weather affects your complexion and skin.  Hot… read more

3 Ways to Fight Toxic Positivity 

“You’ll get over it!” “Others have it worse, so be grateful!” “Stay positive!” “No bad vibes.”  Sometimes, we rejoice when we hear these phrases. Words shelter us in a warm blanket of comfort. Other times, such phrases invalidate our pain,… read more

5 Foods to Beat the Heat

It’s summer again. The sun is perched high in the sky, moving its golden fingertips over the landscape below. The mosquitos are picking and pricking their next victims — behind them, a predatory dragonfly buzzes loudly, ready to eat whatever… read more


Lime: The Fountain of Vitality

The lime is here. Small but mighty, limes are bright green citrus fruits used in recipes and add zest to water. Under the lime’s thick coat, however, a fountain of vitamin C, antioxidants and vital nutrients hide. These mighty gems… read more

Real ID

Why You Will Need a REAL ID

I boarded a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 at the end of May. Three seats lined each side of the economy cabin, and as I struggled to find a place for my carry-on luggage, I looked around at the sleeping faces… read more

Did You Lose Yourself in A Relationship?

It happened again. You fell head-over-heels into a relationship thinking you’d let old habits go. Six months later, your partner is your world. But you feel frustrated, and you don’t know what to do.  You’ve self-isolated from friends and dedicated… read more

Choose the Right Plant for You 

Green thumbs aren’t born. Green thumbs are made through careful planning and dedication!  Unlike animals, plants can’t verbally communicate whether they're thirsty or hungry. Instead, plants grow brown leaves and hunch their backs in protest, hoping you’ll understand! Plant parents,… read more

4 Ways to Beat the Routine

Wake up. Brush teeth. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Weekend. Life can blur as the hours and weeks pass. While routines are a great way to increase productivity and to reduce stress, according to Northwestern… read more

5 Tips to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a silent killer. It creeps up on individuals, creating no symptoms and showing no signs. Inside the human body, however, the substance grows.   In the United States, about 38% of adults suffer from high cholesterol, according to the… read more