Selena Garrison

Stock Trading for Beginners

If you are thinking about investing for the future, chances are you want equities to be a part of that investment strategy. Donna Carroll of Banks Carroll Group said that equities are a popular investment choice for those wanting to… read more

Going Back To School on a Budget

So, you are thinking about going back to school. Perhaps you will be a first time college student pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree. Maybe you are going back for a graduate degree. You might want to advance within your… read more

The Importance of Pet Insurance

Ember was a sweet little Beagle that warmed the hearts of everyone in our family. The day after we got her, we took her to our family veterinarian for an exam and vaccines and got the all clear. Three days… read more

What is Holding You Back From Retirement?

In working with our financial adviser to roll over some retirement funds from previous employers, my husband and I began discussing different things that we could do to be able to put more money aside for retirement. There are several… read more

Staying Active As You Age

Tips For Staying Active As You Age

When thinking about competitive sports, you might picture professional athletes in high impact sports like football, basketball, soccer or baseball. These athletes are usually in peak physical condition and are rarely performing professionally past their mid-forties. Many older adults may… read more

Saltwater and Your Pet

Growing up close to the beach, one of my favorite things to do early in the day was to sit and watch all the surfers who were riding with their dogs on their boards. As someone who could never even… read more