Avoca(do) Try This at Home!

By Wellness360 Magazine


If you favor fruit salads over lettuce-and-tomato salads, avocados are the exact solution to that problem because get this: avocados are fruits and healthy in more ways than one.

Avocados are coined to be full of the ‘healthy fat,’ the technical term being polyunsaturated fats. This is a quick way of saying “this green fruit makes me feel full longer, so I don’t feel guilty after having a big avocado toast for breakfast.” This is all thanks to the 10 grams of fiber that each avocado has, according to Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Fiber helps keep cholesterol levels down (helping with obesity) and blood sugars low.

In addition to fiber, avocados have 26% of vitamin K, which reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases (and with that, chronic aging diseases) by helping wounds heal. The 20% of folate assists in the cell growth of your body, which is crucial to take during times of growth like pregnancy and adolescence. Finally, we can’t ever forget the importance of vitamin C, which isn’t only found in your morning OJ! Avocados have 17% of the vitamin that gives your body an immunity boost.

Not only can you incorporate these green fruits in almost any meal, but you can also feed it to your hair! According to the US National Library of Medicine, avocados are a great source of biotin, which helps with hair growth and the potassium and magnesium in avocados help keep your hair shiny.

Picking the perfect avocado is very easy. A ripe avocado will usually have a darker peel. If it’s green it means there’s still some time left to ripen. The most important thing is the touch. The fruit should be soft when squeezed gently but it shouldn’t feel like mashed potatoes because that means it’s close to being rotten.


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