Biological Age vs. Chronological Age: What’s The Difference?

By Amanda Roland
Biological Age vs. Chronological

May 30 is Senior Health and Fitness Day! As we age, it is important to stay active and healthy in order to live a longer, happier life. One way to check in with your body as you age is to learn how your biological age compares to your chronological age. Read on to find out more!

“Where did the time go?…” — A phrase commonly used by anyone celebrating a birthday or who has seen a wrinkle pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes as we age, we don’t even feel like we are getting older at all, especially when we still feel young at heart. That’s because our biological age and our chronological age aren’t always the same!

Your chronological age is pretty simple, and you can figure it out by knowing how many years you have been alive! However, your biological age isn’t always that easy 37 to figure out. Biological age is dependent on many factors and almost all of them have to do with the condition of your health, according to Healthline, an online health resource.

If you exercise regularly, consume a healthy diet, refrain from smoking and the like, you are on the right track for maintaining a biological age that could be younger than your chronological age! However, some uncontrollable factors like genetics and diseases also contribute to determining your biological age, according to Healthline. If you aren’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your biological age could be years past your chronological age.

Of course the goal is to stay young forever, right? This is not possible with our chronological age (unless we discover that the fountain of youth is real!), but it can definitely be possible to keep yourself young biologically. If you are curious about your biological age and want to make sure you’re staying young on the inside, consult a medical professional to talk about your biological age and how you can get healthier as the years go by!

Here are some online resources that can help you determine your biological age:


by Amanda Roland


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