Burger King Bans 120 Artificial Ingredients From Menu Items

By Lindsey Johnson

The concept of eating “real food” is slowly catching on and fast food is becoming a little more natural.

Burger King, home of the Whopper, has banned 120 artificial ingredients from their menu this month. It’s hard to believe there were that many to start with!? Among these banned ingredients are many artificial dyes, sulfur dioxide, titanium dioxide, monosodium glutamate (commonly known as MSG), aluminum and a whole host of other ingredients that you’ve probably never heard of (and likely can’t pronounce).

This is a big step for a fast food giant that has been competitive in the market for a long time by providing inexpensive food. Burger King is proud of this step forward in making their food a bit healthier. In fact, they’ve even posted a photo of a moldy Whopper, showing that the food deteriorates over time naturally without the addition of preservatives.

Along with this important step in moving to natural ingredients, Burger King has launched three “Keep it Real” meals featuring celebrities.

  • The Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal aka Nelly – A Whopper with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo & ketchup, small fries and a small Sprite.
  • The Larissa Machado Meal aka Anitta – An Impossible Whopper with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard, small fries and a small Sprite.
  • The Chase Hudson Meal aka LilHuddy – A Spicy Ch’King with cheese, 4 piece mozzarella sticks and a 16-oz chocolate shake.

While fast food is not always the most nutritious option, restaurants are waking up to the cries from consumers for healthier versions of quick eats. Kudos to Burger King for making this move in eliminating artificial ingredients.


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