Make Butternut Squash a Fall Produce Staple!

By Stephanie Cornwell
Butternut Squash

Of all the fall vegetables, butternut squash is one of the most versatile and beneficial, and it’s actually a fruit! Botanically speaking, butternut squash is a fruit because it has seeds and grows from the flower of a plant, but it is more commonly prepared as a vegetable. Sweet and light, this fruit is a great source of vitamin A, potassium (one cup actually contains more than a banana), fiber and magnesium. Like all nutrient rich fruits and veggies, it regulates weight and increases energy. The butternut squash has a thick exterior, making it storable for the winter months. This is perfect because unlike most fruits and veggies, they don’t go bad a few days after buying it!

The butternut squash is good for digestion and its vitamins can help maintain clear skin and healthy hair. In fact, it is revered for helping regulate ones blood pressure.

Apart from all of the health benefits and unique taste, butternut squash is easy to prepare. You can cut out the inner fleshy “meat” of the fruit into cubes and bake it, mash it as a mashed potato replacement, boil and blend it into a soup, or even bake into muffins and breads. You can roast it, sauté it or puree it – Yum!

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