Celebrate National Golf Day With Some At-Home Practice

By Amanda Roland
golf day

Today is National Golf Day! Golf is a sport that can help you reduce stress, maintain an active lifestyle and improve your social skills. If you have never played golf before, now is the time to hone your skills while you are at home. Before you know it, you will be ready to hit the course after quarantine to show off your new skills.

Learn the Rules

The rules of golf can be confusing to a lot of beginners. Just like any sport, learning the rules can help you with your game strategy and approach. The United States Golf Association goes a great job of explaining the rules of golf with helpful videos

Work on Your Grip

Your golf grip is very important, and it can make or break your shot when you are on the course. There are three types of golf grips: interlocking, hammer and overlapping. To find out which grip is the right one for you, watch this helpful video from the Golf Channel. 

Work on Your Swing

If you do not have any golf clubs, you can work on your swing with any kind of stick (like a yardstick or even short walking stick), but using clubs is best. Go into your back yard and mark a spot on the ground with a golf tee or even a quarter so that you have something to aim your swing at. Practice your stance, your swing and putting every day until it feels natural. If you have a swinging net, you can even practice hitting a real golf ball. If you have never golfed before, use this video to help you learn how to swing properly.  

Enjoy National Golf Day by brushing up on these skills so you are ready to play when the courses open back up!


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