Important Info For COVID-19 Vaccinations in Alachua County

By Amanda Roland
COVID-19 vaccinations

Today, the State launched a statewide preregistration system for scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for people 65 years old and older. However, Alachua County is not opting into this system, and the county will continue using its existing system for vaccine appointments.

In a Facebook post on the Alachua County Facebook page, the county said, “Rather than start from scratch with a new State system, our agencies will continue to refine existing systems.” The county asks that you do not go online or call-in to the new state system if you are an Alachua County resident.

The current Alachua County efforts regarding the vaccine include, according to the county:

  • Calling those over 65 to set appointments
  • A call-in number to assist with registration and set appointments (352) 334-8810
  • Multiple vaccine events including events that are providing direct outreach to underserved communities and those who don’t have access to digital platforms
  • COMING SOON: A new web-based form for registering and setting appointments for upcoming events. The Florida Department of Health in Alachua County has temporarily closed their registration form for COVID-19 vaccination as the transition to the new site is happening. If you registered using the old form you have not lost your place in line and there will be no need to re-register using the new form.

For more help and information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, call (352) 334-8810.


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