How Do You Create a Pet-Friendly Home?

By Elayza Gonzalez
Pet-Friendly Home

Having pets can make it difficult to design a home. All pet owners face the same challenge: how do I create a pet-friendly home with a hint of human sophistication? Whether you are battling dog hair or cat scratches, there are ways to cater your home to your four-legged family’s needs while still creating the perfect living space for those who walk on two legs.

Does your home scream French provincial or French bulldog?

Pet owners do not need to feel limited to one type of style of décor to create a livable space for both humans and pets. Instead, find ways to adjust your style to meet everyone’s needs. Avoid decorating with breakable knick-knacks and forgo furniture that is too low to the floor. Instead, opt for tall lamps and items you can hang, including framed mirrors, paintings and pictures. The idea is to build up and away from places your pet can reach.

Does the carpet match the Dalmatian?

Removing stains and odors from carpet is hard, and with pets it is nearly impossible. The Humane Society recommends removable carpet tiles and area rugs made of stain-resistant fiber as alternatives that can also add style to your home. You may also consider durable flooring like ceramic tile and hardwood. These floors do not scratch as easily and are also easier to clean.

Is Calico a good color scheme for painting?

When choosing what colors to use to decorate your home, let your pet’s fur be your guide. Pet hair is more visible on very light and very dark colors, so using beiges, grays, taupes and other neutrals are great alternatives. The trick is to choose colors that most closely resemble your pet’s coat. If you want to add pops of color, incorporate patterns, prints and stripes by using funky pillows, area rugs and other accent pieces.

Is that a faux-fur blanket or just your Persian kitty?

Fuzzy, textured and fragile fabrics trap hair and are only begging cat claws to destroy them. Instead, the Humane Society recommends choosing smooth textiles and microfibers that are comfortable, easy to clean and less appealing to cats looking for a scratching post.

How do I create the perfect place that matches my equally perfect pet?

The Humane Society recommends your pet have its own special lounging spot. Cozy dens for your dog and high places for your cat, especially near windows, give your pets their own place to relax away from your not-so pet-friendly furniture. Your pet having its own personal space allows pet owners to balance their pet’s needs as well as their home’s style.

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