Crystal Clear: Underwater Photography by Drew Herrick

By Wellness360 Magazine
Drew Herrick photography

Drew grew up diving in the springs of North Florida, but his passion for outdoor sports has led him back and forth between the mountains and the sea. He is an experienced freediving instructor and underwater photography enthusiast. He uses his background as an outdoor educator to teach people more about themselves, increase their confidence in the water, and replace fear and misunderstanding of the ocean with wonder and compassion. Through his courses and his photos, Drew hopes to create more advocates for ocean conservation while promoting the sport of freediving. He primarily uses a Sony A7III in a Nauticam underwater housing. All underwater photos he takes are on breath hold while freediving.


If you are lucky enough to have a spring to yourself, the stillness of the water can produce a surreal effect in photos. Here, the lighting was just right to create an almost outer space-like feeling.


I’m most intrigued by photos that are not heavily manipulated and still manage to make the viewer question the reality of what they are looking at. The perfectly calm and clear water in this lake provided us with amazing opportunities to get creative.



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