Dairy-Free? Try Coconut Bliss on National Ice Cream Day

By Amanda Roland

National Ice Cream Day is coming up this weekend on July 19! Are you dairy-free? Coconut Bliss, a dairy-free ice cream company, is offering 15% off on online orders of four or more products.

Coconut Bliss’ ice cream is all plant-based and dairy-free, making it the perfect healthier alternative to regular ice cream. If you just can’t be bothered by ordering online, you can find Coconut Bliss ice cream at Whole Foods in Gainesville!

To take advantage of this offer, use code “BLISSDAY15” when you checkout online this weekend! Also, follow their Instagram for a special contest on National Ice Cream Day, according to the Today Show.

*Picture provided by Coconut Bliss Media Assests


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