Dancing: It’s Not Just for Kids

By Diane Hernandez

Dancing isn’t just for children in dance companies. It isn’t just reserved for your prom night either. It’s something you can learn at any time and use to better your own health. 

Physical activity, in general, decreases a person’s likelihood to get sick. Not only are you less likely to develop depression, but you’re also losing excess body weight, reducing your risk for cancer and strengthening your bones and muscles, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Dancing, in particular, can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease too, according to the CDC. Because dance stimulates the brain’s memory area, it’s a great way to stick to a regular routine and to have fun while in a social setting. 

It wouldn’t hurt to take a chance and dance! Here are a few ways you can groove as an adult!

Look Up or Buy Dance Videos  

YouTube is a learning resource – use it to your advantage! Online you’ll find countless instructors explaining how to perform certain moves and dances. On TikTok and Instagram, you’ll find short 15-second snippets of different Bachata, belly-dancing and rumba moves. The best part is many of these are free! 

If you’re looking for a longer class, something like Zumba might benefit you. Zumba, for example, focuses on Latin American dance moves. During a merengue song, you’ll find yourself completing a few ab crunches to the beat. 

Check Your Local Gym

Many gyms host dance classes. In Alachua County, Crunch, Gainesville Health & Fitness and many other gyms give members the option to enroll in sessions. The classes provide gym members the opportunity to follow an instructor and to focus on their cardiovascular health. 

Gainesville Health & Fitness, for example, hosts a Zumba, Cardio Party Mashup and Hip Hop class. Crunch and other gyms also provide Zumba and hip hop options. Check in with your gym to see what they offer!

Attend a Dance Class

Dance studios host dance classes for adults. For pole dancing fans, Happy Kiss Pole Fitness is an option. Ballet fans can find adult classes at Pofahl Dance Studio, and Salsa Mundial gives adults the chance to try out Latin American dances! Attendees learn salsa (of course) and Bachata, depending on the class they choose. The internet is your oyster – use it to find fun classes in your area! 


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