Food Myths: Part One

By admin

By Isabella Sorresso

It seems as though there is a new dieting fad every week that claims to be better than the last. But, in many of these trends, there are also several dieting myths that have been widely accepted without proper backing just because they sound right. So, despite what you might have heard from one website or from your sister’s friend who only shops at Whole Foods, is vegan and does, like, so much yoga, we are here to officially debunk some common myths.

Myth 1: Shopping the perimeter of grocery store is healthier

While the perimeter of the grocery store contains many healthy options like fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, meats and poultry, it also has many hidden unhealthy items. Juices, energy bars, whipped cream and alcohol also line the store and can have high levels of sugar, calories and sodium. Plus, fresh items can often be more expensive than items in the aisles. You can find cheaper and equally healthy foods like brown rice, granola and certain cereals in the middle of the store.

Myth 2: frozen fruits and vegetables are less nutritious than fresh

While frozen fruits and veggies might have a slightly different composition than fresh ones, their nutritional differences are minute. In some studies, researchers even found that certain frozen foods, like broccoli, corn and blueberries, had higher vitamin levels than their fresh counterparts. 

Myth 3: You crave certain foods because you are deficient in those nutrients

This myth sounds like it could be real because it seems like there is some medical reasoning behind it. However, it is not true. The nutrients that we might be deficient in are generally not the ones we are craving. In fact, you more often crave foods that you have recently been eating. So, if you have been indulging in sweets and find yourself craving chocolate, it is most likely not because you have a magnesium deficiency, but rather because you previously enjoyed some chocolate treats.

Interested in seeing more food myths get debunked? Stay tuned for more from Wellness360 in the coming months!