Decorating for Productivity

By admin

By Colleen McTiernan | Photo by Sincerely Gone Photography

Whether you have a little cubicle or a corner office, there is one sure way you can boost your mood — and your productivity — at work. Decorating and organizing personal space has been shown to have a direct impact on employee happiness and work efficiency. According to research from the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology, employees who are permitted to decorate their workspace are happier, healthier and 32 percent more productive than employees in an undecorated space. Take a look at this decorated desk for inspiration for your own space, whether at home or in the office.

*According to an article published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, office plants can increase productivity by 15 percent! Our plastic potted plant came from Hobby Lobby and the vase for the hydrangeas was purchased at Target.

* A cute pen cup not only keeps your desk organized, but adds your own personal flair to the mix. We got this cactus at Hobby Lobby.

* Introduce soothing scents to your work space with a candle. Scents like vanilla and lavender are said to be relaxing, while scents like rosemary and peppermint have been shown to increase concentration. If you prefer to avoid an open flame, consider using a diffuser instead.

* If inspirational quotes help motivate you, a felt letter board is a great addition to your desk.

*Pick a color scheme and stick to it. You want to add color to your space, but you also do not want it to appear to chaotic. That will only detract from your productivity. We got our gold stapler, letter tray, scissors and wall organizer from Target.

*If you can, consider switching out your desk phone for a rotary-style phone (we got ours on Amazon!) for a vintage touch. Just be sure to talk with your employer before making the switch!