Defining Strong and Fit: Jade Hale

By Amanda Roland

What does it mean to be strong and fit?

For 26-year-old Gainesville native Jade Hale, being strong and fit goes beyond just working out and lifting weights. “It is a mindset,” according to the professional natural body builder. Hale, who started training for her first bodybuilding competition in June of 2017, has propelled herself from beginner to award winner in no time. Recently she has won first place open at NPC Paradise Coast; first place novice NPC Paradise Coast; Novice Overall at NPC Paradise Coast; first place open and overall Bikini Champ at NPC Ocala Cup Classic; first place open and Overall Bikini Champ OCB Georgia Natural (pro card awarded); and first place open and Overall Bikini Champ at NPC Southeastern USAs. She’s currently training and preparing for her OCB Bikini Pro debut and believes that to be strong and fit, “one must have a strong and healthy mentality (especially in bodybuilding) and be willing to put in the work, time and sacrifice to reach ones physical goals.”

Her launch into living her strong and fit lifestyle was elevated when she met her coaches, Torye and Nick Seidler. “They believed in my potential and taught me how to love myself and my body at every stage. I believe that is extremely important,” according to Hale “You have to be your biggest cheerleader sometimes.”

Today, Hale says her lifestyle is a bit more intense as she is in training mode for her third bodybuilding competition of the season. What does an average day of training look like for Hale? Hale says her day consists of, “cardio, stretching, posing practice, weight training, eating 5-to 6-meals a day and measuring my water intake.” In addition, Hale says that she has weekly check-ins with her coaches at Seidler Fitness; does her grocery shopping and meal prepping; and takes time for self-care.

by Nicole Irving | photo by Jimmy Ho Photography