Dreading Going Back to the Office? Find Your New Routine

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Back to the Office

I don’t need to say it. We all know that 2020 has given everyone a new playbook for just about everything in life, but most of all, our careers and how and where we work. Many of us found ourselves displaced, working at our dining room tables, Zooming all day and sharing work space with our spouses and virtual school spaces with our kids. But, the silver lining was, while displaced, we found little nuggets of time to add in some extra fitness routines to burn off stress and those covid calories, time that we couldn’t quite figure out how to fit in during our workday while at the office. As we venture back into the office in 2021, we definitely want to keep our health up and our stress low. Add these simple routines daily and you will be thanking us into 2022!



While at the office, minds are busy and the days go by quick! Here are some great apps that can help remind us to do what our bodies are meant to do: Move!

Stand Up! App

This app will tell you when to stand up, simple as that! You can customize your reminders with: how long you want to stand, the time in between each reminders, which days of the week you want reminders, the hours of those days (9 to 5?) and even the location, so it will only notify you at work.

Damocles App

Motivate yourself with actual money. Make your goals or quite literally pay the (dollar) price you set yourself. If you don’t make the goal, you pledge to donate that amount to a charity you choose.



Working from the house might have been quite peaceful compared to your office. Finding your zen is as easy as finding a quiet room in which you can go to and meditate on breaks. Sneak in the lunchroom or cafeteria between meals. Find a quiet spot in a waiting room or employee lounge.

If you can, set up a diffuser for essential oils for added benefit and breath in and out, slowly. Can’t find a quiet space, invest in a set of noise cancelling headphones! They could do wonders! If you are lucky enough to have your own office, there is nothing wrong with shutting the door, taking off your shoes, stretching out that yoga mat and doing some stretches and breathing techniques.



Did you start taking neighborhood lunchtime walks while at home? You can keep up your steps with quick laps around the office every so often to move those muscles. If your office is near a park, bring some sneakers and take a longer walk for 1⁄2 your lunch hour. Replace elevators with the steps! It all adds up, so take every opportunity you can to keep moving all day! Need help staying motivated? Try a smart watch like:

Apple Watch Series 6

The Activity Rings feature of this watch will encourage you to meet your goals and stay moving. The series 6 can even track your blood oxygen levels and your sleep routine! Starting at $399, apple.com



If your home fridge had an automatic water dispenser, you must have drank your recommended water intake everyday! It was so easy! But, if your office is near a soda vending machine or doesn’t have a water machine, staying hydrated can become a challenge. Invest in a filtered water bottle or start bringing in your own coolers of water. When going back to the office, it is easy to slip into old habits so make sure to keep a fresh supply of water nearby to hydrate!



In between Zoom meetings, did you hit your garage gym or swim some laps in the pool? Or even work on your treadmill? Now, office workout equipment is the biggest office accessory. From under the desk mini bikes to desks that are actual treadmills, you can get in as much or as little cardio as you want without ever leaving your desk, especially while under deadline. Add in some hand held weights, your office can turn into a mighty effective gym!

Compact ‘at work’ equipment to keep in your file cabinet:

  • Mini weights
  • 10 lb kettlebell
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga mat
  • Exercise bands
  • Medicine Ball



Remember, this transition is tough on everyone. What better way to get the office back into the groove than with a support system. Get a group together for accountability! If able to be social distanced or with a mask on, you can even take some casual strolls together. Having a work buddy to keep healthy with can make all the difference.



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