Exercises That Benefit the Body and the Brain

By Jacqueline Saguin

It’s okay to admit it. You’re losing it, and cabin fever is real. Hours upon hours of Netflix creates idle zombies with no motivation to move. But physical activity can be exactly what we need to pull us out from our restless reality.  As human beings, we need stimulation. And exercise is the best medicine. It’s uplifting both mentally and physically. Working out releases endorphins that literally make you happy. Any form of exercise, from yoga to running, can act as a stress reliever. Aside from this, it’s proven to help reduce your risk of heart diseases and some cancers; strengthens bones and muscles; and improves overall health. Here are some simple tips and exercises that benefit the body and the brain.

Self-Quarantine Friendly Activities

You can work out within the comfy confines of your home. Workout apps like the Nike Training Club offer workout collections that are both upbeat and relaxing. Take advantage of YouTube’s endless free videos. The Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel offers yoga tutorials for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Plus, there’s no equipment involved aside from a yoga mat, but your carpet should do just fine.

Set a Schedule

It seems like every day blurs into one at this point, making us lose track of things. Carve out times in the week to commit to exercise. Mornings are a peak time to schedule your workout, kicking off your day feeling invigorated. You’ll likely burn out if you try to work out every day, so pick a few days out of the week when starting off. This will help you get into the rhythm of things while also restoring some structure back into your everyday life.

Get Outside

You get what you put into it. If you’re doing something you’re not enjoying, you’re not going to reap the full benefits. Grab a buddy and go on a bike ride or hit the tennis courts. Switch up your exercises. This’ll add some variety while getting you outside of your four walls. 


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