Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Asher the French Bulldog

By Amanda Roland
Meet Asher

Meet Asher the French Bulldog! With their busy on-the-go lifestyle, Amanda Bentley knew that when the time came to introduce a dog into their family, they would need a small dog that could keep up and be a part of their travels. They also knew their children were getting older, and they wanted to add a puppy to their family of five sooner rather than later. Enter Asher, a 5.5-month-old French Bulldog.

Asher and family

“We bumped into Asher, and Tom knew that he was the one!” said Bentley. Today, you can find Asher and his family enjoying a latte at Starbucks, catching a light brunch at a local pet-friendly restaurant and or the baseball field. Always the momma’s boy, Asher is sweet as pie and according to Bentley. “He is EXTREMELY friendly and people loving. He thinks anyone approaching or nearby is there FOR him. He loves his belly rubs, treats and attention!”