Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Eclipse the Quaker Parrot

By Amanda Roland
Arianna holding Eclipse

Meet Eclipse the Quaker parrot! Arianna Leon Uberti says that Eclipse, the rescued Quaker parrot, couldn’t have come into her life at a better time. “She means the world to us because she arrived in a moment when my husband and I were feeling a little alone,” said Leon Uberti. Found in a Miami parking lot on August 8, 2017 ,walking all alone, Leon Uberti thinks that Eclipse fell out of a window. “She was super used to being with humans… we just put a finger up to help her, and she jumped on it!” Eclipse has settled right in and has become the boss of both their hearts and home, according to Leon Uberti. Eclipse lives cage free at home, and her “cage” is really a room she uses for sleep time.

Eclipse and Arianna

Today, Eclipse is an egg binding survivor. This is caused when a bird cannot expel an egg on its own naturally. “She got emergency surgery eight months ago (at UF small animal hospital), but she is as strong as our love for her.”


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