Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Jetty and Grant the German Shorthair Pointers

By Amanda Roland
Jetty & Grant and family

Meet Jetty and Grant!  Jetty and Grant are two peas in a pod. Their owners, Alex Wigglesworth and fiancée Samantha Campos, met while both working for the UF Small Animal Hospital. Samantha already had Jetty when the two met, and Alex and the sweet pup formed a close bond as he often babysat Jetty while Samantha had to work long hours in her residency.

“Soon enough, I fell in love with the both of them,” said Alex. They knew that when adding to their family they would need a dog as just as energetic as Jetty, so they decided to welcome Grant into their home. “They are technically siblings (same dad), and we love them both more than words can describe” said Wigglesworth. “They both have such different personalities and are what we look forward to coming home to daily!”