Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Kane the Domestic Shorthair

By Amanda Roland

Meet Kane the Domestic Shorthair! Samantha Rivera considers herself a “foster fail.” And how could you blame her? Kane, a “differently-abled” Domestic Shorthair cat quickly made his way into her heart when he was in her care during his time as a rescue cat at Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue. Officially becoming hers in November 2018, Kane, who was born paralyzed from the waist down, makes his way around the house in his own way.


“We call him Swiffer cat because he scoots around sweeping up whatever didn’t get vacuumed,” Rivera said. Today, you can find Kane “making biscuits,” napping on his favorite blanket and living the life playing with his favorite catnip mouse that he has thrown in nearby shoes. His disability does not slow him down one bit. “He scoots around very quickly in his dapper diapers and enjoys playing with toys and sunbathing.” According to Rivera, “Kane has no idea he is differently-abled. He doesn’t know what he can’t do, just lives life to the fullest enjoying what he can do!”

Samantha and Kane