Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Moxie the Australian Shepherd!

By Amanda Roland
Moxie with family

Moxie the Australian shepherd arrived in Gainesville on a Friday night as a 10-week-old puppy on a flight from Alabama. The following Saturday, the airline called and asked Casey Hahn, Moxie’s owner, if he even arrived. Apparently there was no record of him actually officially arriving in Gainesville! Luckily the Hahn family was there to greet Moxie with open arms and it has been a life of fun and excitement ever sense. “Moxie is, quite simply, the best and most energetic dog our family could ask for.

Picture of Moxie

He has an amazingly upbeat personality, and loves everybody. “Mox” is also very friendly with other animals of all shapes and sizes, and LOVES to exercise!” says Hahn. Today, Moxies’s days are full of playing fetch with his favorite ball, running with his family while they exercise and discovering his new favorite treats.

Moxie and his family
Casey & Julie Hahn, Rylan, Gracelyn, and Reese with Moxie the Australian shepherd