Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Prince Bun Bun the Rex Rabbit

By Amanda Roland
Prince Bun Bun

Meet Prince Bun Bun the Rex Rabbit! This past December, Prince Bun Bun, (aka Mr. Bun Bun), went to his forever home when he was adopted from the humane society by The Garrett Family. “He’s a great fit for our family of five,” said Jenn Garrett.


Prince Bunn Bunn

Today, you can find Prince Bun Bun snacking on his favorite food, bananas, of course, or in his favorite spot in the house, the Barbie dream house! “When we are home he has the run of the house, and at night he sleeps in his hut in the laundry room,” said Garrett. Prince Bun Bun’s spunky personality shines at breakfast and dinner time, and most importantly, he loves being pet and held by everyone at home. “We are so glad we found him at the humane society.”
Prince Bun Bun and child