Gainesville Welcomes Two New Wawa Locations

By Amanda Roland
Two New Wawas

Gainesville now has three Wawas! Two new Wawa locations opened on August 20, including Florida’s first non-fueling location.

One of the new Wawa locations is at 1614 W. University Ave. where the old Florida Book Store used to be. This new location is the only non-fueling store in Florida at the moment. The other new store is located at 2305 NW 13th Street. These new stores join the Wawa on Archer Road that opened in June.

Wawa Convenience Stores originated up North in 1964 by a family of dairy farmers in Wawa, PA, according to their website.  Now, stores can be found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Central Florida.

Wawa has a “Clean Force” to ensure cleanliness and safety in their stores. You can visit their website to find out their social distancing requests for their stores.


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