Gear that Does the Heavy Lifting

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By Ashleigh Braun

Weightlifting, which was practiced by ancient Greek and Egyptian societies, has been known throughout history as a means to measure strength and power. Today, weightlifting is better known as a form of strength training using weights to build lean muscle and improve bone density, along with other health benefits. Many people may associate weight training with only experienced athletes, but the truth is, with the right gear, anyone can pick up weights and start getting stronger. Check out some of these great weightlifting products and get started!


Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grips

Bar grips are the perfect thing to combat athlete’s fatigue, and they can help train your muscular endurance and improve your grip strength when lifting. The big grips can convert barbells, pull-up bars, and cable attachments into “thick bars” that can activate more muscles and build a stronger upper body. These grips attach like a clamp to whatever weight they are supporting, and are easy to clean and transport for use anywhere.


Harbinger Men's Pro Weightlifting Gloves

Harbinger Men’s Pro Weightlifting Gloves

These flexible and durable weightlifting gloves will help you with grip and support when lifting weights. With palm ventilation to keep your hands cool and dry, a wrist wrap for a secure fit and wrap-around thumb design for extra protection, these weightlifting gloves give you a full range of motion and extra cushion for support.


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Nike Structured Training Belt

The Nike Structured Training Belt offers maximum lower back support to help ensure proper lifting technique. With a perforated back panel with ventilation to regulate your temperature, plastic inserts at the lower back, and a steel roller buckle to keep the belt securely in place, this belt is perfect for heavy lifting.


Body Solid NTS10 Tricep Strap

Body Solid NTS10 Triceps Strap

These triceps straps are a great way to gain an advantage for any muscle activity that isolates your triceps. For exercises like triceps extensions, bicep curls, deltoid raises and ab crunches, the neoprene lining circulates air so your hands are able to “breathe” while you’re engaged in your workout.



Best Brace Yourself Weight Lifting Sport Wristband

This wristband is the perfect companion for both wrist protection and support while lifting weights. Heavy lifting can place added stress on your joints — especially your wrists — and can often lead to injuries. The soft, flexible fabric and adjustable Velcro strap ensure maximum wrist support and comfort for any weight lifting activities.



Rogue Fitness Rehband Rx 7mm Knee Sleeve

This knee sleeve is made with heavy-duty neoprene to deliver maximum compression and support for better blood flow and to reduce the strain on the knees during squats and heavier lifting. Whether you are recovering from a knee injury or simply trying to prevent one, this thick, flexible sleeve provides the support you need