In a Funk? Use Creativity to Brighten Your Mood!

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Creativity to Brighten Your Mood

Life is hard. At times, it can seem like everything is against you. Every ounce of energy is spent by the moment you get home, and the biggest accomplishment of your day is making it back to bed. But, life is also great. Sometimes we just get into a funk that can be hard to crawl out of, but it can be done. Rather than taking giant steps doing things you aren’t good at, or things that may stress you out more, take a few moments of each day doing something simple and creative. After time, you will see that all those little moments add up to huge rewards. Slowly, you will rise out of your funk into a world that you created simply for you and your happiness. It’s easy to use creativity to brighten your mood! Here are some ideas:


Pick something to photograph, not someone! Flowers, trees, clouds, you get the point. It’s about capturing the simple beauty of an object while you are by yourself. After 30 days, print each photo and place them in an album. Remember where you were when you took each photo and what you were feeling.


Paint, sculpt or draw, but not on a computer. Use a REAL paintbrush, real clay and real paper. The smells, the texture and the feeling of the creative tools in your fingers will release tension and inspire you.


Tired of watching hours of endless prime time? Turn off the TV and step into a museum or library. Sit and really focus on the works of art or the pages of the books around you. Imagine what the authors or artists were thinking when creating their masterpieces.


Nothing feeds the soul like food. Plan out a month of creative cooking challenges. Use the rainbow for inspiration or even master an ethnic cuisine. Try making a soufflé the way Julia Child did. Ever wonder how mom makes that amazing Thanksgiving meal? Try making it yourself! Homemade pasta is easy as flour, water and egg!


Ever feel better after signing in the shower? Singing can be such a good release. While in the car, home alone in the shower or even on a Friday night at karaoke, belt out a tune and have a good time with it.

There are really no rules when it comes to using creativity to brighten your mood! Just find something that makes you happy and sick to it.


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