Guys, Get Up To Date on Your Health Screenings for Men’s Health Month!

By Tracy Wright

June is Men’s Health Month! It is a month where we celebrate men around the world, and encourage then to get and stay healthy. One place to start if you are on the path to a healthier life is to make sure you are up to date on your health screenings and doctor visits. Men, there are a couple of specific checkups that you need to get by certain ages that will help keep you healthy and prevent future complications. So, for Men’s Health Month, find out which health screenings you need to get! 


Testicular exams are typically done by men themselves at home. Doctors recommend men at this age regularly check their testicles and visit their health care provider if they notice any irregularities such as any lumps or swelling, according to the Mayo Clinic. Clinical testicular exams should be performed every three years by your primary care physician.


Prostate screenings should be performed every three years by your primary care physician or more often depending on risk factors such as family history and previous prostate conditions. Risk factors will also decide at what age these screenings should begin.


Bone density testings are performed every two to three years to assess bone health and strength. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, these screenings should begin at age 70 for men.

Vaccination boosters include a herpes booster to prevent shingles and a pneumonia booster.

No matter what age you are, there are always steps that you can take for a healthier you! Start today by getting up to date on all of your health screenings! 

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