Where Can I Get the Best Bang for My Buck in Gym Costs?

By Lindsey Johnson

Knowing where to spend your money effectively for fitness can be overwhelming. There are so many options available that it can be hard to know where to start. While cost is a factor, it is also important to consider several other factors that will determine the value of what you get. Consider the questions listed in the chart. These questions can help guide you towards finding the perfect fit for you. The perfect fit may or may not be the least expensive option but money spent towards fitness is an investment in your health that has long-lasting benefits.


  • Is there a coach or personal trainer who will teach and correct form as well as advise on exercises, weights or modifications specifically tailored to you?
  • Is nutrition counseling included?
  • Is there equipment or options for cardiovascular training?
  • Is there equipment or options available for strength training?
  • Does it include flexibility, stretching, yoga or recovery?
  • What are the hours of availability?
  • Do they have group fitness classes or do you workout on your own?
  • Is there accountability?
  • Is childcare available?
  • Do you prefer to workout solo or with a group?
  • Do you prefer to go to an outside location or workout at home?


Listed here is a breakdown of some of the different types of gyms and how they compare. For specific pricing and amenity availability, contact the location of your choice. Most gyms and online fitness groups have a free trial period or class so you can determine if it is the right fit for you. If building a home gym, include a variety of equipment that will allow for varied exercises. If you are new to fitness, do not despair! Everyone starts somewhere and the first step to your healthier life starts with selecting an option that work for you and committing to a regular routine.

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