Health Hacks: 6 tech products to keep you in peak physical condition

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By Colleen McTiernan and Lizzie Vasquez | Photos courtesy of manufacturer

As technology advances, it is becoming easier than ever to take charge of your health. From fertility trackers to indoor climate monitors, here are seven products equipped with smart technology that communicates information to your smartphone to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible. 

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Ava Cycle Tracker 1.2


Wonder what is really happening with your cycle? This device uses sensor technology to track it — whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or want to better understand your body.

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Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer

$19.99,, and Target

This lightweight thermometer requires no batteries and connects directly to your smartphone for an easy temperature read in seconds. It also gives personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms and when to call the doctor.

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Pillbox by Tricella


This innovative pillbox automatically syncs to your smartphone, and family members can receive notifications if the pillbox’s smart sensors detect that the user has missed a dosage.

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Netatmo Healthy Home Coach


The Healthy Home Coach improves your health by improving the health of your home. From monitoring indoor air quality to help reduce the effects of pollution to tracking your home’s humidity levels to assist in managing asthma symptoms, this product measures the vitals of your home and alerts you when something needs to be fixed.

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Motiv Ring


Slip this ultralight titanium ring on to keep track of your heart rate, measure your activity levels and monitor your sleep quality.

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Designed for those with an elevated risk of heart conditions, this wearable ECG monitor provides continuous medical grade data, including heart rate and heart rate variability, that can easily be shared with a physician.