Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Anxiety and Stress

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Holiday Anxiety and Stress

It’s the most … stressful time of the year? According to a survey from survey, 62 percent of respondents felt that what is supposed to be the most time of the year is either “somewhat” or “very stressful.” If you are one of those people who experience holiday anxiety and stress, ask yourself what it is that gets you down. Is it the financial stress of buying gifts and getting them ready? Cooking? Seeing relatives who you avoid all year? Reflect, then try these tips for relaxing this holiday season.

Forget perfection

Sometimes things will not be perfect, and that is OK. Accepting this is the first step to having a stress-free holiday season.

Do not be afraid to say “no”

Whether it is cooking another batch of cookies or buying extra gifts for the neighbor’s sister’s grandchildren, who you did not know were even coming to dinner, do not be afraid to say “no” to things that you do not want to do. It’s for your own sanity. Focus only on what’s important.


The best way to de-stress? Working out! The endorphins from doing your favorite form of exercise will help ease your holiday stress and anxiety.

Go tech-free

Do not be afraid to drop your phone and forget about it for a few hours. The constant reminders and phone calls won’t help you find your happy place and will definitely add to your holiday stress. 


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