Hormone Healthy Foods

By Amanda Roland

Hormones are chemical agents that regulate and control many processes in our bodies. Our stress level, reproductive system, development, metabolism and so much more are all leaning on hormone levels to ensure that things are running smoothly. However, sometimes hormone imbalances can, well, throw us off balance. The good news is, with the help of your health professionals, there are foods that you can introduce to your diet to help balance these hormones and improve your health! 

Imbalances can cause issues like weight gain, fatigue, infertility, depression, acne and more, and these issues can affect both men and women of all ages. First and foremost, if you feel as though you are experiencing these side effects due to a hormone issue, talk to your doctor to establish the best course of action to get you back on track. 

After talking with your doctor, try some of these foods to naturally balance your hormones and feel better. 

Cruciferous Veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower) – Helps regulate estrogen – High in glucosinolates to help eliminate carcinogens 

Salmon – High in omega-3’s, which help produce hormones that regulate blood clotting 

– Helps regulate sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) 

Avocados – Balances cortisol levels – High in vitamin B5, which helps regulate stress-related hormones 

Whole Grains – Helps regulate melatonin for a better night’s sleep – Many whole grains also contain magnesium and fiber to regulate blood sugar 

Sunflower Seeds -Vitamin E regulates estrogen production 

Legumes – Magnesium helps to regulate the nervous system 

Sweet Potatoes – High in vitamin B6 which helps detoxify the body of excess hormones 

Bell Peppers – High in vitamin C which benefits the adrenal gland 

Flax Seeds – Contains phytoestrogens that help expel excess estrogen from the body – Can help regulate menopausal symptoms 

Spinach – Iron in spinach helps regulate thyroid hormones – B vitamins help increase energy 


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