How to Budget in 2022 

By Diane Hernandez

Saving money just became easier — in 2022, the Google Play and Apple stores offer a few budgeting applications that calculate and allocate funds. 

Here are four that we downloaded and reviewed!


Mint is a free budgeting application available to Android and IPhone users. The app syncs to your bank account and calculates monthly rent, subscription and other payments. 

From there, it calculates an average that you, as a consumer, should stick to using your monthly income and savings. 

The application has a few other perks too — it features a marketplace tab with credit card offers and a “Billshark” that points out bills you can save money on. 

If you’re worried about privacy, the application is locked using your Face ID. Overall, it’s a great application to use if you’re looking for something easy and quick to navigate. 

Google Play Store ratings: 4.5/5 stars 

Apple Store ratings: 4.8/5 stars


Truebill offers to help you budget but at a price. Users pick how much they pay for a premium service — either $7, $ 8 or $9 monthly — and get a 7-day free trial to determine whether it’s a good fit. 

Without the premium service, users miss out on account balance alerts, saving recommendations and real-time syncing — most of which Mint offers for free. With that in mind, users honestly benefit more from just deciding to pay the subscription service. 

Truebill syncs to your bank account and separates your savings from your checking account. The app also offers concrete information on bills, such as renewal dates and subscriptions, and emphasizes goals you want to accomplish. 

With premium, you can cancel subscriptions through the app, too. 

Overall, it’s a great option if you’re comfortable paying a few extra dollars a month. If not, I’d skip out on using their free version. Mint offers the same and more. 

Google Play Store ratings: 4.4/5 stars 

Apple Store: 4.5/5 stars


Available on Google Play and Apple stores, EveryDollar offers users the ability to create their own budgets. Unlike the other apps, EveryDollar doesn’t sync to your bank account or calculate averages for you. 

In a way, EveryDollar relies on you. 

The app is free and easy to use. It takes into account your monthly income and then subtracts what you’ve spent from the overall amount. The only hard part is that the user is in charge of tracking every cent spent. 

The app does offer a premium service to set bill reminders and to sync to your account, but it costs $99 each year. 

Some people might enjoy tracking items, but others might struggle to do so. Depending on your preference, another app like Mint or Truebill might fit your lifestyle better. 

Google Play Store ratings: 4.3/5

Apple Store ratings: 4.8/5



Simplifi is a budgeting app available on both Google Play and Apple stores. Users have the option to pay $5.99 a month or $48 annually. The first month is free and allows you to see if the app is a good fit. 

Like Mint, Simplifi links up to your bank accounts allowing you to see in real-time what you spend. The app allows you to create a spending plan — or budget — taking into account your bills and income. 

The application also averages your bills through looking at your bank account history, much like Mint and Truebill do. The application also updates quickly adding transactions to the app from the same day. 

However, it basically does the same thing as Mint. The only difference is the application’s home page looks different and includes a few more visuals, like a spending pie chart for that month. If you like visuals, check out Simplifi!

Google Play Store ratings: 3.5/5

Apple Store: 4.2/5



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