How to Get Your Blood Flowing at the Office!

By Amanda Roland
Get Your Blood Flowing

Now that some of us are moving back in to the office, it can be so easy just to sit and not really move for hours on end. This makes you fatigued, stiff, sore and honestly unmotivated to get stuff done. Being stagnant can also stunt creativity and productivity! In order to avoid all of that bad stuff at work, here are a few ways that you can move around at work and get your blood flowing!

Office Yoga

It is actually very easy to do some moderate yoga at your desk, in your chair and standing. Simple stretches combined with controlled breathing will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your next project. There are some quick 5-6 min videos that you can find on YouTube that walk you through some modified yoga poses that you can do at your desk. Here are some examples of quick yoga videos to watch when your have a break at work:

Office Leg Day

Just because you work a desk job doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the burn! Moves like squats, calf raises and lunges don’t take up much room at your desk, and it won’t take much of them to get your heart rate up! Every hour, on the hour, do either 10 squats, 10 lunges (each leg) or 20 calf raises. Alternate the moves that you do to get a well rounded range of movement. These exercises will increase your blood flow, and you if you are consistent, you should start seeing some muscle definition in your legs!

Standing Desks

This one takes some special equipment, but it’s worth it! You can purchase standing desk stands online, or you can purchase an entire desk that allows you to stand while you work. These desks are great for people who hate to sit still or who need to work on their posture. Standing at your desk will, once again, increases blood flow, which is the overall goal. If you want a desk that you can both stand and sit at, the adjustable stands might be the ones for you! Here are some standing desks that you can get online:


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