How Do You Get Ready for a Hurricane?

By Amanda Roland
ready for a hurricane

Hurricane season just started this week on June 1. Make sure you are ready for a hurricane by stocking and shopping  ahead of time so you are not frantic when a storm comes. We Floridians know how this goes, but just in case you haven’t restocked your hurricane kits or need some fun indoor activities to do to ride out any storms that come our way, here are some tips. 

Hurricane Kit

You want to prepare for the worst and expect the best. To prep for a hurricane, make sure to have things like:

  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Charged charging docks
  • A gallon of water per day per person, according to
  • Canned food such as beans, corn and tuna which do not need to be kept refrigerated or cooked to consume should be kept in a cool, dry place
  • A zip lock bag or any waterproof container where you can store your valuables such as passports and cash 
  • All your medications like Advil, insulin, heart medications or anything that you know will need for at least two weeks. *Pharmacies tend to close during hurricanes and may be running low on supply upon returning to business 
  • Stock up on snacks, treats and drinks, as the days may be long and boring.

Indoor Workouts/Activities to do

Surprise… the power may go out! This means you may not have the power on your phone to waste it on phone games. One great way to pass the time while you’re stuck inside is to do a workout! Write down your favorite at-home workout routines this week so you can have it just in case your power goes out.

Some activities you can do to kill time can be playing board games, card games, charades or even a dance party with no music. Find home activities that you will enjoy to ensure time does not seem endless. 

Hurricanes aren’t fun, but you can at least make the best out of them while you wait for the storm to pass. Ensure that you’re prepared and ready for a hurricane, and you will see how a stormy experience can turn into a momentary rainbow.

by Isabela Rosa


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