Is Group Fitness Right For Me?

By Chris Pregony

Let’s face it, when it comes to working out we could all use some motivation. Being accountable to yourself only gets you so far. Adherence to a program becomes so much easier when it involves others. Getting a personal trainer is a great way to stay motivated and get the guidance needed to achieve your fitness goals. The problem that most people have with getting a trainer is that it costs too much money. That’s where the concept of group fitness comes in to play. Group fitness is nothing new, but it got a makeover in the past 10 years. The group fitness trend is growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons.

People find it much more motivating to work out in a group setting.

Participants in group classes tend to work harder than they would by themselves. This helps you maximize your workouts. Knowing that you have a time to go to a class will help you work it in to your schedule so that it becomes routine. Having friends or colleagues in the class will help hold you accountable to attend class.

It is much more affordable than personal training. 

Most gyms offer group classes as part oftheir membership. If you already have a membership, this is a resource that you should definitely use. If you don’thave a membership to a gym, there are several places that specialize in group training. Most classes now feature a heart rate monitoring system that gives instant feedback on a big screen. You can see how hard you’ve worked and how many calories you are burning, as well as your classmates. This provides a huge incentive for participants to work at their full potential. Memberships to these types of establishments will cost more than a traditional gym membership, but far less than personal training.

It is lead by a fitness professional.

Although it seems simple, exercise is quite complex. Having a professional design and implement a routine can pay dividends. Not only can they push you to your limits, they can also ensure that you don’t get hurt.

There are tons of different classes to choose from. From yoga and Pilates to CrossFit and spin. Whether you are trying to relax and stretch or set a personal clean and jerk record you can find a group fitness class that fits your needs.