Is Your Pet the Next Social Media Star?

By Amanda Roland
social media star

Think your pet has what it takes to rise to the top of the social media world? Of course you do. Instagram is a dog-eat-dog world for humans, and pets are no different. Follow these tips for the best chance to make your pet the next social media star.


What makes your pet special? Do they have the cutest underbite, or know some sick tricks on a skateboard? Instagram is the perfect place to showcase this!


No one wants to see the same tongues-out selfies in 10 different filters. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to create good content, just don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Mix it up, look for cute tongues-out-paws-crossed opportunities and don’t be afraid to break out props for variety! The sky’s the limit for your pooch’s photo potential.


Social media is a great way to engage with other pets, either by liking and commenting on their posts or even setting up an in-person playdate. To get started, try searching the hashtag #petsofgainesville to find other insta-pups in the area. Team up with other for a better chance at making your pet the next social media star!


People are following for cute, funny pet pics and they will unfollow if they don’t get the content they expect. Post consistently, maybe even making a schedule to ensure regular content, and watch the likes roll in.

However, if posting on Instagram every day seems like too much work, other pet-focused Instagrams have taken a different approach.

Local pet Instagram star @chubs.bulldog says that it’s hard to keep up with posting all the time and posts fun content instead of daily content. Chubs, an English bulldog, can be found in pictures at breweries and iconic Gainesville locations, or in cuddly poses with his sister Mila, @princess.mila.bulldog. Since starting the account in 2015, it’s grown to over 600 followers, despite infrequent postings.

“Our postings are not frequent, but some advice would be to take lots of road trips and just shoots lots of pictures!”

While Gainesville Instagram’s resident golden retriever, @loki_the_golden_boy_, has only been on Instagram for about 5 months, he’s already building quite the reputation for himself.

Lots of action shots and playful videos make up Loki’s cute account. His owner, Emory Burda, started the account as sort of
a digital scrapbook for her best pictures of Loki and now uses it to highlight and share anything funny Loki does with his Instagram followers.

“The best advice I have is to have fun with it! Share the funny, dysfunctional, and memorable times you have with your pup with others. It’s really fun to look back on the memories and to see how much he’s grown and changed.”

by Camille Graham


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