Let Coors Light® Help You Adopt A Dog!

By Amanda Roland

This past Tuesday, Coors Light® announced an offer that could benefit anyone looking to adopt a furry friend in February!

Coors Light® Coors for Canines will offer a $100 adoption fee reimbursement for 1,000 dog adoptions across the country from February 4 to February 21 while supplies last. There is no beer purchase required. To participate, you must take a picture of your adoption receipt and text it to the code 28130 using the keyword “COORS4K9.” The adoption receipt must have the proof of adoption on it. The adoption must have taken place between the dates of February 4 to February 21, and you must be 21 years old or older to participate. There are some states excluded from this offer, and to find out more information, click here!

The Coors Light® Coors for Canines offer may be the push you need to adopt a dog in need of a forever home! If you are looking to adopt, Gainesville has plenty of adoption resources including the Humane Society of North Central Florida.