Man’s Best Friend

By Delia Albert

We’ve all heard that dogs are “man’s best friend.” But maybe there’s more to this phrase than we think. Can having a dog actually improve your health?

Many experts believe that dog owners are happier and healthier when compared to individuals who do not own any pets. Here’s why owning a dog might be one of the healthiest decisions you could make!

Improve your mood

Studies have shown that even a few minutes with your dog can boost your mood and make you feel more relaxed. Playing with a dog activates neurotransmitters that are associated with pleasure and relaxation, literally sparking a positive physical change.

Keep you active

Generally, owning a dog encourages you to be more active and can actually help you achieve the daily recommended amount of physical activity, according to WebMD. Two 15-minute walks with your pup can make a huge difference.

Make you more social

We’ve all been that person who asks, “Can I pet your dog?” Owning a dog helps you engage with others, especially other dog owners. Interacting with others is crucial to keeping a sharp mind.

Stronger immunity

People who grow up with a dog are less likely to develop allergies and generally have stronger immune systems. (This is especially useful if you have kids!)

Fight depression

The love from your dog is truly unconditional and can be instrumental in recovering from depression. Having to care for your dog allows you to focus on something other than yourself.


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