Massage Products to Melt Your Pain Away

By Amanda Roland

When you can’t get to your favorite massage therapist, have no fear, there is some at home relief! These at home massagers can temporarily relieve you of your moderate aches and pains from your workout and daily life.


1. Heatable Massage Tool


With over one hour of heat, the acuBall will target joint and muscle pain while boosting circulation and relieving stress on nerves.

2. TriggerPoint® STK

$24.99, Dicks Sporting Goods

With eight independently spinning wheels, the Trigger Point STK bar will grip the skin while rolling an effective massage. Small and compact, it fits snuggly in a any travel bag for workouts on the go.

3. Deep Tissue Roller with Spine Support

$14.99, TJ Maxx

For those sore muscles that need a little extra massaging, this roller with its spine support column relieves sore muscles and helps increase circulation with its 3D texture to penetrate trigger points.

4. Hypersphere


The Hypersphere vibrating massage ball has a powerful 30w motor that has been specially engineered to deliver maximum vibration to the body, while the textured rubber expererial allows for optimal grip. This compat massager has been TSA approved!

5. The Abacus® Hand & Arm Massager


The Gelliprene® gel-ball trigger point massager is perfect for those who seek relief from hand, finger, thumb, elbow, or arm aches and pains. The massager incorporates a set of interchangeable solid steel axles and non-latex elastomer gel-balls of varying firmness, that allows the user to customize their formation of restorative combinations for relief.