Morning Workout Motivation

By Mercedes Leguizamon

With the clock falling back an hour, it is time for gym motivation to spring forward. Most professionals recommend working out in the morning because it is easier to throw in the towel after a long day of work. With the sun rising earlier, motivation might be higher for some to get up and work out in the morning. If you are looking for the perfect way to look great at Thanksgiving dinner, follow these tips to get motivated.

Set Micro-Challenges

Progress is progress, even if it is setting a goal to do one more pushup than you know you can do. Spend a few minutes every night thinking about what micro- challenge you can try and accomplish the next day.

Compete Against Yourself

Try to motivate yourself to do as best as you can. If you are trying to do sit-ups and you get a little tired after 10, try to go for 15 before stopping. If you can keep going and push through the pain, try to go for 20. You are your only competition.

Same Hour Each Day

Set an alarm for whatever time works best for you, but make sure that you are waking up at the same time every day. Consistency is key — not just in the gym but with your sleep pattern as well!

Fun and Variety

Do something fun and different every day so that it is not always the same workout. Go for a bike ride, perhaps, or give early morning Zumba a try. Instead of going to the gym or working out at home, go outdoors or participate in a group fitness class.

Dress the Part

The best way to be motivated is to wear gym clothes. Leave your gym clothes out the night before and dress as soon as you wake up.

Buddy Up

Whether it is a best friend, a parent or even your dog, exercising with a partner can be a great motivator, especially when you both start seeing results.