Myth Busting: CrossFit

By Amanda Roland

By Julie Walter


CrossFit has been named one of the fastest growing sports since its creation in 2000. With its increase in popularity, there has been a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. Before you decide the sport is too dangerous or intense, read these 5 common myths about CrossFit.

  1. CrossFit is dangerous 

One of the largest misconceptions people have about CrossFit is that it causes injuries. While some athletes do sustain injuries, like in any sport, the statistics shouldn’t scare you away. In fact, a recent study found that CrossFit’s injury rates are lower than those found in Zumba. A surefire way to stay healthy is to perform the movements with correct form and know your limits.

  1.   You need to be in really good shape start doing CrossFit 

From people who have never lifted a dumbbell to former Olympic athletes, CrossFit brings people of all ages and abilities together. One of the greatest things about CrossFit is that it’s completely adaptable. Each workout is scalable, meaning the intensity and weight can be altered to make the exercises easier or harder. 

  1.   All CrossFit Gyms are the same 

Every CrossFit gym is different, and they are not all created equal. Each gym has its own programming, training philosophies and coaching style. Each gym operates in its own way and has its own culture. CrossFit workouts are generally based around a workout of the day but can vary greatly depending on the programming. Most gyms host a free community workout or offer a consult. Try visiting a few gyms before signing up to see if it’s a good match.  

  1.   Women will get too bulky

A big misconception with CrossFit and weightlifting in general is that as soon as you pick up a barbell, you immediately turn into the Hulk. Although some people may wish that were true, that’s not how it works. Typically, people who put on a lot of muscle mass specifically tailor their diets and training to accomplish their desired look. So, fear not ladies, if bulking up is not your goal, you will just burn fat and get toned. 

  1.   It’s a fad 

Some people still believe that CrossFit is a fad and will eventually go out of style when people move onto the next fitness craze, but that might not be the case. Today there an estimated 14,000 CrossFit affiliated gyms around the world.  With the introduction of the CrossFit Games in 2007, the interest in CrossFit only seems to be increasing.