New “Survival of the Slowest” Exhibit Comes to Florida Museum

By Amanda Roland
Survival of the Slowest

The Florida Museum of Natural History has a new exhibit called the “Survival of the Slowest” coming January 23! Be prepared to encounter live animals that prefer the slow life, and learn how they survive!

“Most people hear the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ and assume it means the strongest will survive, but that’s not always the case. What about when being slow or small is an advantage in an environment?” said Julie Waters, Florida Museum exhibit coordinator. “This exhibit will challenge visitors to think about what it truly takes to survive.”

The exhibit will showcase 16 animal species such as the box turtle, Linnean two-toed sloth and pine snake, and a keeper will be there to answer questions and ensure the safety of the animals.

The entire museum is open to all, and admission prices for the exhibit can be found here. Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing inside the museum.


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