Nominate Your Pet For The American Hero Dog Awards

By Julia Bauer

After suffering from a life of cruelty so extreme he lost his back legs, Boone was adopted by his forever family. They welcomed him with loving arms and got him a wheelchair to improve his quality of life. Despite everything Boone has been through, he is still wagging his tail and sharing his happiness with others as a therapy dog. Boone’s strength and ability to spread joy is why he won the American Hero Dog Awards last year. 

Until March 26th, you can nominate your dog to the American Humane Hero Dog Awards as a candidate to win the 2022 American Hero Dog title.

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards is a national competition held every year to recognize the “Hero Dogs” of America – those dogs who may seem ordinary but do extraordinary things. It is hosted by American Humane, an organization founded in 1877 that is “committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals,” according to its mission statement.

From dogs that stop crime to dogs that make their owner smile with just a wag of their tail, the Hero Dog Awards is all about giving special dogs the recognition they deserve. 

If you decide to nominate your dog, they can be entered into one of seven categories: Law Enforcement and Detection dog, Service dog, Therapy dog, Military dog, Search and Rescue dog, Guide/Hearing dog or Shelter dog. 

During three rounds of voting, anyone over 18 years old can select a winner in each category and help choose the one dog that will be recognized as the American Hero Dog. The rounds will take place from March 30 to May 12, June 2 to July 22 and August 5 to September 13. 

The finalists of each category will be honored at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards, which will be broadcast nationwide by Hallmark Drama. The American Hero Dog title will be awarded in October. 

If you feel like your faithful furry friend deserves to win the American Hero Dog title, nominate them at

To learn more about American Humane, visit


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