Spotlight 360: Bonnie and Ralph Cameron

By Wellness360 Magazine

Meet our Spotlight360 couple Ralph and Bonnie Cameron. They are local residents in Gainesville, dedicated realtors with Coldwell Banker, wonderful grandparents and two Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast who seize every opportunity they can to ride their bikes! They enjoy scenic strolls all over the country but especially love the various charitable events they get to organize and be a part to raise money and awareness for causes near and dear to them.

Tell us a little bit about your love of motorcycles. When and how did it start?

(Bonnie) New Year’s Day 1998 we were at Amelia Island on a mini golf vacation. As I walked o the 3rd green onto a railroad tie walkway (which was slick due to the rain the night before) I fell and broke my knee. I was in a straight leg cast and on crutches for what felt like forever. On Valentine’s Day I bought RC his first Harley- Davidson motorcycle because he was such a sweetheart helping me with everything I wasn’t able to do. Ever since we first met he had constantly talked about wanting one so I knew it would be special! Once I was able to walk normal again I rode behind him for our first ride together. When we got home he asked me how it felt and I replied “I want to ride my own”. Memorial Day weekend I took my class…the rest is history!

How often are you able to ride?

(Ralph) At least once a week plus we try for 1 or 2 road trips a year. Unfortunately, being in real estate, sometimes work gets in the way (Laughing)

(Bonnie) Yes, even when we are away riding, we are working for our buyers and sellers. During the day when we stop for break we respond with text. When we stop for the night we are returning calls and responding to emails from my I-Pad. We really live by our tag line – Camerons Make it Happen!

What do you enjoy most about riding motorcycles?

(Ralph) Experiencing and seeing rural America, traveling the back roads plus the local people you meet which is something you can’t do on an Interstate or in an airplane.

What benefits do you gain from riding motorcycles and being involved in the motorcycle community?

In September, 2000 and for 12 consecutive years we organized a riding group which met for monthly get together’s, lunch runs plus an annual overnight ride to St. George Island the weekend prior to Labor Day. Good times and lots of memories were shared by all! We were the Founders/Organizers of Bikers on Parade for the USA. Because of the horrible attacks against our country on September 11th, 2001 we started this event which was held annually (2001 to 2009) for Veteran’s Day. A total of $510,000 was raised with 100% of the money benefitting our local Veteran organizations and the local Red Cross Chapter. Since 2002 we have coordinated an annual Police Escorted Toy Ride to Ocala to participate in an event sponsored by the Ocala Harley Owners Group. This event benefits under privileged children and for many of the children this is the only Christmas gift they may receive which for us is emotionally overwhelming…Bikers Rock!

Ralph Cameron and his beloved Harley Davidson. Photo by: Jimmy Ho Photography

Where are your favorite places to ride your motorcycles?

(Ralph) Mountains of West Virginia, anywhere out west, and US 1 through the Keys in Florida.

Tell us about your favorite trip!

(Bonnie) Let me share the tale of our favorite trip and why it was so great…the journey and the passion! Our adventure began on June 16th, 2004. I had just bought my new Harley- Davidson Road Glide (my biggest bike ever), completed my 500 mile break-in then began our journey knowing our lives would never be the same! We anticipated the thrill with the whole country ahead of us along a route derived from our endless hours tracing lines on dog-eared maps to make it happen (no GPS). Our mission was to go to Neah Bay, Washington which is the northwest point of the 48 contiguous US states then to San Diego for the southwest point.

We rode through all kinds of weather and road conditions…different roads but same feelings! Death Valley with 112 degree temperatures (very hot), desert cross winds up to 50 MPH (what a thrill), Washington’s Olympic National Park with full leathers and snow (very cold), Hurricane Ridge Road and Original Route 66 with steep, small winding “S” curve roads (with donkeys sometimes blocking your way as you came around the corner) to the Grand Canyon which was spectacular, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, plus spending the night at the Navajo reservation. What a thrill riding through the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Highway to the Sun in Glacier National Park Montana, Paci c Coast Highway in Oregon all the while making so many wonderful memories that I could go on and on about! Needless to say, when our trip was complete we could proudly say we had finally been to all 4 corners of the USA, rode in every state, corner to corner, coast to coast, traveling all rural roads and making friends along the way! We spent 22 unforgettable days, doorstep to doorstep, covering 8,896 total miles. Without a doubt, it most definitely was my dream trip of a lifetime!

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Favorite Book:

(Bonnie) I read at least one book a week. Favorites are anything about the Civil War and Christian novels by authors like Lynn Austin and Elizabeth Musser. I just like to read!

(Ralph) I like autobiographies from successful business people and Prepper books from authors such as William Forstchen and A. American.

Bonnie Cameron and her Harley Davidson. Photo by Jimmy Ho Photpgraphy

Favorite Food:

(Ralph) Anything BC fixes and CHOCOLATE!
(Bonnie) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day especially bacon, eggs and toast!

Favorite Quote:

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill