Where Every Day is a Holiday

There are a select few towns across America for which the holiday season never really ends, thanks to names that capture the holiday spirit and festivities that celebrate the wonder of Christmas. Christmas, Florida  Named for Fort Christmas, which was… read more

Physical Fitness Throughout Our World’s History

In 2021, physical fitness is often associated with state-of-the-art gyms, Peloton home bike rides and fitness apps. In primitive society, as we evolved as humans, fitness was necessary to survive. The early hunter-gatherer societies needed to move quickly to capture… read more

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions All Over The World!

Hanging stockings, intentionally wearing horrendous sweaters, exchanging questionable cakes or leaving cookies for a visitor in the night are just a few of the ways we celebrate the holiday season in the United States. As odd as these might seem… read more

Voter's Stickers

Learn How To Cope With Voter’s Anxiety!

Even if you’re not an avid news-watcher, with politics invading our social media channels, it’s becoming increasingly harder to block out the political chatter, especially this election season. Unfortunately, with a 24/7 news cycle and the fact that we’re more… read more

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