Catch some Zzz’s for World Sleep Day

March 15th is World Sleep Day! Hosted by World Sleep Society, this is an annual event created by healthcare practitioners working in the field of sleep medicine as a way to share research and information related to sleep as well… read more

Dare to Go Bare at Bedtime

We all know that what we wear to bed is important. But what if what we DON’T wear could have an even bigger impact on our sleep and health? That’s right, cast away the pajamas along with the perception that… read more

How COVID Affects Your Sleep

Catch Some Z’s: How COVID Affects Your Sleep And What To Do About It Be honest – do you get enough shut-eye? The CDC recommends a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night for adults over 18 years old.… read more

sleep aids

Are Sleep Aids Safe or a Snooze?

If you have ever had sleepless nights, then you probably already know about sleep aids. If you are blessed with being able to get a full eight hours every night, we’ll fill you in. Sleep aids are over-the-counter solutions to… read more

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