How COVID Affects Your Sleep

Catch Some Z’s: How COVID Affects Your Sleep And What To Do About It Be honest – do you get enough shut-eye? The CDC recommends a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night for adults over 18 years old.… read more

Black and white photo of a man's balding head

Can COVID-19 Make You Lose Hair? 

COVID-19 affects the body in different ways. Infected individuals report feeling lightheaded, hazy and feverish. Others report an inability to taste or smell. Some even felt like they were in a different dimension.   Recently, a new alarming symptom garnered some… read more

girl with mask and black and white dog

Is Your Pet at Risk for COVID-19?

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic. For the vast majority of the year, we have stayed inside and found every way possible to keep ourselves and our families safe. Eventually, the… read more

UF Homecoming

UF Homecoming Holiday Gets Rescheduled to Late December

The University of Florida Faculty Senate approved an "Academic Calendar / Homecoming Update Motion for Consideration," asking that the UF Homecoming holiday and other events be rescheduled or canceled. This motion was presented by Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Angela… read more

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