People running

How Physical Exercise Helps Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. If you’re struggling with your mental health – whether it's due to anxiety about a major life-change or the stress of everyday tasks – physical exercise may help improve your mental… read more


5 Ways to Best Manage Stress

Stress—often an overused word but one that applies to most of us especially in the light of everything that transpired in 2020. Stress is omnipresent in our everyday lives as most of us work to balance career, relationships, children, families,… read more

Stethoscope and heart cut out

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Without a heart, blood wouldn’t be pumped throughout the body. The blood wouldn’t provide the essential nutrients and oxygen needed to function. Waste would build up in our bodies. The state of our hearts is part of living a healthy… read more

Forest Bathing for Better Mental Health

Forest bathing has nothing to do with actually bathing and everything to do with allowing yourself to get lost in the forest and using all your senses to do so. What is forest bathing? This Japanese way of healing was… read more

Put Your Stress to the Test

Everyone gets stressed. What better way to alleviate your stress symptoms than by taking a fun quiz? Try these quizzes below to learn more about your own stress and ways to manage it. Is there too much stress in your… read more

Adaptogens: Organic Stress Relief

We all experience the burdens of everyday life. Stress, anxiety, burn-out, fatigue — they are all very real and no one is immune to their effects. However, some of these side effects of life can be managed thanks to the… read more

Why Stress is Bad

6 Reasons Why Stress is Bad for Your Health

Sweat drips down your face, your heart pumps fast and your hands nervously twitch. You’re stressed. We’ve all been there, and it is important to know how stress can negatively impact your health. Here are six reasons why stress is… read more

Stressed Out

Stressed Out or Anxious?

It is crunch time. You are facing a work deadline and hurtling toward zero hour. You can feel sweat dripping down your brow and your heart beats a tad faster as you keep pushing forward. You will be glad when… read more

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